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How are expatriates taxed in Portugal?

What does the current Portuguese tax landscape look like for expatriats living in or thinking about moving to Portugal? If you’re a UK national living in or thinking about moving to Portugal what is to be expected when moving in 2020? This article provides a great overview of the applicable taxes in Portugal in 2020.

Brexit: the clock is ticking

The clock is ticking, Brexit is coming closer.

UK assets invite a bigger tax bill after Brexit?

In preparation for Brexit, most UK expatriates in Portugal have secured residence or put plans in place to settle before the transition period ends in December. But the planning shouldn’t end there, especially if you still have assets and investments in the UK. Brexit itself will not affect the double tax agreements that determine which country has the right to tax expatriates. However, two key changes are set to happen from 2021 that may change your tax treatment.

IMT - Portuguese property transfer tax

What are the applicable IMT rates and how is the IMT calculated? Which changes have been approved in 2020 and who is responsible to pay the IMT? Read all the information about this property transfer tax in this article.

COVID-19 safety rules in Portugal

In preparation of your next visit to Portugal it is good to know what the new safety rules in Portugal are. What is expected of you when going to the supermarket or into a restaurant? And what is expected of you when doing a property viewing?

Portugal gets ready for summer tourists

Portugal gets ready for summer tourists with restaurants opening doors in May & hotels by end of June. The second phase of gradually opening the economy and social life has started on May 18 and as the effects of the pandemic in Portugal has maintained its downward curve after lifted measures in phase 1, it's strengthening confidence and certainty in entering the second phase and likewise those proposed for the subsequent phases.

Clean & Safe seal launched in Portugal

At a time when the recovery of the sector is being prepared, tourism enterprises, tourist entertainment companies and travel agencies can now request the declaration as a “Clean & Safe” Establishment.

What is the best place in the world to live?

Forbes published an article that included the top 3 destinations in the world to live and retire after COVID-19. They wrote: "The experience of this challenging period will give us a strengthened and perhaps reinvented understanding of what is most important in life." This situation gives new perspectives and shows that we should not delay choices, but must choose quality of life now." And do you know which location they considered to be the number one place in the world to retire or move to for a better lifestyle? Correct, the Algarve.

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